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The agro-climatic zones of Meghalaya facilitate production of a large number of diverse fruits and vegetables. Most of our agricultural commodities are amenable for further processing into various intermediary and finished products that can fetch better value to the farmers and processors. The present institutional mechanism for value addition is barely adequate. The full potential of the sector therefore, goes abegging.

Based on the 2015-16 data, the net sown area of Meghalaya is 3,43,431 ha which is just 15.27% of the total geographical area. There are at least four major crops that are grown in about 10000 ha each, in our state, namely: – Potato, Mandarin Orange, Pineapple, and Ginger. There is also an exclusive niche market for Lakadong Turmeric.

This is where the proposal for creating the Directorate of Food Processing came into being and the Government of Meghalaya had created a new Directorate of Food Processing under the Department of Agriculture in May 2018.

Our Mission

  1. The Directorate aims at bridging the gap in the agricultural value-chain. This is essential to help farmers get remunerative prices for their produce and also become entrepreneurs in the process thereby, leading to employment generation and developing entrepreneurship in this sector.
  2. The Directorate focuses on capacity building in this sector, directly or otherwise and plans to create academic opportunities for the youth by way of having them admitted in certificate, diploma or degree granting programmes in the State, or elsewhere in the country.
  3. The Directorate networks with academic, research and technology dispensing institutions across the country connected to the Food Processing sector, viz., the CFTRI, Mysore, the CIPHET, Ludhiana, etc. to support with training and knowledge upgradation.
  4. The Directorate aims to source technologies from various research and technology generating organizations and induct the most appropriate crop-specific processing technologies in the State, to make Food Processing low-scale, decentralized and a people-centric activity.
  5. The Directorate will adopt a geographical crop cluster approach for creating sufficient scale in the processing opportunities and develop common facilities in the cluster hubs.
  6. The Directorate will make all possible efforts to expand the market for the processed products, by way of organizing festivals, and participating in exhibitions and expositions in and outside the State periodically.

Directorate Structure

The Directorate is presently headed by the Officer on Special Duty(OSD) and Assistant Director of Horticulture (FP), who along with a Team of Technical Associates look after the various activities relating to Food Processing in the State. Technical Associates are also assigned at the District Level to help implement Schemes and offer their expertise at the ground level.
Name Designation Station Phone Mobile No. Email
Mr. Maqbool Lyngdoh Suiam Officer on Special Duty Shillong 0364-2951132 9436103899 shasaw@gmail.com
Mr. M. Defenderson Shadap Assistant Director of Horticulture(FP) Shillong 9436107189 desha09@gmail.com
Smti.K.D.A. Momin Assistant Director of Horticulture(FP) Dainadubi 7005423938 karendipsera@gmail.com | adh.dainadubi@gmail.com
Dr. Dombewarisa S.Marak Horticulture Development Officer(FP) Shillong 7005116018 warisa.aau36@gmail.com
Macdonald Ropmay Technical Associate-I Shillong 8794824292 macdonaldropmaythabah@gmail.com
Charis Ripnar Kharkongor Technical Associate-II Shillong 8787786016 charisripnar2016@gmail.com
Androny K Lyngkhoi Technical Associate-III Head Quarter, Shillong   8119969940 akharpuri14@gmail.com
Ribhahun Khonglah Technical Associate-III Shillong 9366738062 khonglahribhahun@gmail.com
Wanridahun B Nongsiej Technical Associate-III Head Quarter, Shillong 7641938974/8427622214 wanridahun@gmail.com 

Technical Associates posted at the District level

Name Designation Station Phone Mobile No. Email
Banteilang Kharbani Technical Associate-III District Horticulture Office, Nongstoin   8131895378 banteikhar123@gmail.com
Maialin Susie Nongrang Technical Associate-III District Horticulture Office, Shillong   9774842110 maialin_16nongrang@rediffmail.com 
Vegonia Marboh Technical Associate-III District Horticulture Office, Nongpoh   8638557938 vegomarboh@gmail.com 
Evenstar Kharbani Technical Associate-III District Horticulture Office, Mawkyrwat   8014128100 evenkharbani@gmail.com
Vicky Nelson Manar Technical Associate-III District Horticulture Office, Khliehriat   6009970617 vickynelsonmanar1999@gmail.com
Antirouny K Sangma Technical Associate-III District Horticulture Office, Williamnagar & Baghmara   6009095336/7085400578 nimrodantirouny@gmail.com 
Danme C. M. Sangma Technical Associate-III West Garo Hills, Tura 8787598518 danmesangma@gmail.com
Tyngshainmi Kharsahnoh Technical Associate-III District Horticulture Office, Resubelpara   8730071339/9366211085 kharsahnohtyngshainmi@gmail.com
Amy Hazel Warjri Technical Associate-III District Horticulture Office, Jowai   8131850200 amywarjri@gmail.com 
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