Fruit Preservation Center


The Government Fruit Preservation Centres at Shillong with an installed capacity of 60MT and Dainadubi with 30 MT capacity annually were established in the year 1955 and 1964 respectively by the Department of Agriculture, Government of Assam to preserve and prevent surplus perishable fruits and vegetables from spoilage and wastage.

Under the brand name MEG, Fruit Products ranging from squashes, jams, jellies, drinks, marmalade & canned fruits are produced.

  1. To explore various methods in developing technical know-how in conversion of raw/fresh fruits grown in the region into value added products for both domestic and commercial fruit processing.
  2. Capacity building on value addition to farmers, entrepreneurs, educated unemployed youth, other stakeholders.
  3. To offer facilities to local public in converting their surplus fruits into processed products through the Community Canning Section.