The ODOP initiative is aimed at manifesting the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to foster balanced regional development across all districts of the country.

  • For enabling holistic socioeconomic growth across all regions
  • To attract investment in the district to boost manufacturing and exports
  • To generate employment in the district
  • To provide ecosystem for Innovation/ use of Technology at District level to make them competitive with domestic as well as international markets
For more information, visit: One District One Product (ODOP) Initiative | Invest India
 1.East Khasi HillsKhasi Mandarin
 2.West Khasi HillsGinger
 3.South West Khasi HillsHoney
 4.Eastern West Khasi HillsPotato
 6.West Garo HillsCashew
 7.North Garo HillsBanana
 8.South Garo HillsJackfruit
 9.South West Garo HillsPineapple
 10.East Garo HillsPineapple
 11.East Jaintia HillsTurmeric
 12.West Jaintia HillsTurmeric (Lakadong)

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ODOP related schemes

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Office Address:
Directorate of Food Processing
Dhankheti, Cleve Colony, Shillong
Meghalaya 793003

Contact Details:
1. Shri. Maqbool Lyngdoh Suiam
Officer On Special Duty
Directorate of Food Processing, Meghalaya.
Contact No: 9436103699

2. Smt. Wanridahun B Nongsiej
Technical Associate
Directorate of Food Processing, Meghalaya.
Contact No: 7641938974

Email Id:
  • Financial institution for interest free working capital loan
    • LIFCOM- a financing company under the GoM for providing working capital support to agri entreprises
  • Mission mode programs: financial aid for procuring quality planting material and inputs, exposure visits, processing units, packaging, marketing etc.
    • Turmeric mission
    • Ginger mission
    • Honey mission
    • Jackfruit mission
    • Citrus rejuvenation program for Khasi Mandarin
  • Schemes:
    • CM ELEVATE- state scheme for subsidy on polyhouse, warehouse, common facility centre and agri vehicles
    • CM ASSURE- state scheme for supporting farmers during market price fluctuations
    • Fruit Development Scheme- promoting cultivation of fruits, and increasing productivity including rejuvenation of senile orchards
    • Fruit Processing Scheme- processing and preservation of fruits, and sale of final branded products
    • Tuber Crop Development Scheme- to increase production of potatoes through the provision of HYV tuber seed, plant protection equipment etc.
    • Development & Maintenance of Orchard Cum Horticulture Nursery - promotion of horticulture crops by providing planting material, manures and tools
    • 4% Interest Subvention Scheme for Kisan Credit Card Beneficiaries- in addition to the extended interest subvention extended by GoI, additional interest subvention to beneficiaries is given, making the effective interest rate for KCC beneficiaries as 0%)
    • Supply of Agri Machineries- subsidy to beneficiaries for promotion of agri mechanization
    • Organic Manure Scheme- awareness generation, distribution of organic manure etc. are undertaken
    • Plant Protection Scheme- provision of biopesticide, plant protection equipment at subsidized rate
    • PMFME Scheme- subsidy to beneficiaries for purchase of Machinery and Construction of tinshed for food processing entrepreneurs.
    • Packaging Subsidy- 50% subsidy to beneficiaries
    • Machinery & Equipment- subsidy to beneficiaries for purchase of machinery.


# District  Identified Product Startup / Brands Founder / Owner
1 Ri Bhoi Pineapple Rynsan Creation Pvt.Ltd Raymond Lyngdoh
2 Ri Bhoi Western Ri boi Farmer Producer Co-operative Society  Amrosestar Jamu
3 Ri Bhoi M/s Mewan food Processing Reena Nongrum
4 East Khasi Hills Khasi Mandarin DaFriael (Discover The Difference) A. M. Nongrang
5 East Khasi Hills M/s Delicacies  Silda Thabah 
6 East Khasi Hills M/s Croasis  Pyntngenlang Khongsit 
7 East Khasi Hills Colks Aunice Pattern 
8 East Khasi Hills Ambious Enterprise Ambious Umsong
9 East Khasi Hills Lamare  Probina Lamare
10 East Khasi Hills Iohlynti SHG Tharina Umsong 
11 East Khasi Hills Jingkyrmen VDK Pingwait Montrilang Marboh
12 East Khasi Hills Parksiar Agro Peter Wahlang 
13 East Khasi Hills Jonglajong Food Processing Wallambor Kharlyngdoh 
14 East Khasi Hills Countryspices Artilin Row  Thankiew
15 East Khasi Hills Colks Vijay Byrsat
16 East Khasi Hills Mei Essentials Mary Gracia Wankhar
17 East Khasi Hills Na Kper Damewanmi  Suchiang
18 South West Khasi Hills Honey Iateilang Beekeeping Tokingland Shangdiar
19 South West Khasi Hills Tynnai Multipurpose cooperative society Twolding Jyrwa
20 South West Khasi Hills   Khrawborsing Khyllemkharai
21 South West Khasi Hills   Tassiana Jyrwa
22 South West Khasi Hills   Yalman Marngar
23 East Jaintia Hills Tumeric S.D Turmeric Saphalang Dkhar
24 East Jaintia Hills M/S AMS Entrepreneur  Multipurpose  Cooperative Society Ltd Amnesty Salahe
25 East Jaintia Hills PK Farm Phimris Tang
26 East Jaintia Hills Phiba Spice Gideon Sutnga
27 East Jaintia Hills Maitlynti Rural Development Society Deihok Sumer
28 East Jaintia Hills DD Spice  Danosha Tlang
29 West Jaintia Hills Lakadong Turmeric Iengskhem IVCS Bethalieid Shylla
30 West Jaintia Hills Daia Processing Unit Trinity Saioo
31 West Jaintia Hills Matil Spice & Food Processing Matilda Shadap
32 West Jaintia Hills Life spice processing  Teimon Shylla
33 West Jaintia Hills Sakhihok Lamare/Ariona food industry Sakhihok Lamare
34 West Jaintia Hills Rup Mi Ha I Bok Pyrkhatshwa Rabon
35 West Jaintia Hills Jaivik Dawhoi Dhar
36 West Jaintia Hills Mulieh Enterprise Daraplieh Mulieh
37 West Jaintia Hills Challam Products  James Giness Challam
38 West Jaintia Hills Shai Enterprise Suktina Rymbai 
39 West Jaintia Hills Processing Unit Dising Nongrum 
40 West Jaintia Hills Sanchi Food Processing Unit Maria Chympa 
41 West Jaintia Hills Deisa Food Processing  Wanmon Tang 
42 West Jaintia Hills Myntoilang Agro & Allied Activities Cooperative Society Majesh Tmung
43 West Jaintia Hills Tur Shaphrang  Kamjuh suchiang
44 West Jaintia Hills Thadmuthlong Synroplang VO  Remember Sari
45 West Garo Hills District Cashew Greene Origin Ayoshee Agarwal
46 West Garo Hills District All Garo Hills Multipurpose Co-operative Society Dr.Sunny Joseph Mavelil
47 West Garo Hills District B R Industry  Ranjit Agarwal 
48 West Garo Hills District Sitamaya Food Products  Sitamaya Koch
49 West Garo Hills District RID Consultant and Facilitator  Ram Ishar Dutta 
50 West Garo Hills District A'chik Food Products Arviu Silcheng  Marak 
51 West Garo Hills District Petra Akong, Tura Letharine S Marak
52 East Garo Hills Pineapple Lokki Food Products Lokki M Sangma
53 East Garo Hills Maningsa Siltera A Sangma
54 East Garo Hills M/S Sangma Juice Industry Kinchi D Sangma
55 East Garo Hills Isilla food product Isilla Ch Marak
56 East Garo Hills Green hill food product Norina Ch Marak
57 East Garo Hills Tangsrisri food product Jonsila Ch Marak
58 East Garo Hills Durama food product Riksina Ch Marak
59 East Garo Hills Daribok Food Product Sengte Ch Marak
60 East Garo Hills Jambalgre Farmers Group Heromuni G.Momon
61 East Garo Hills Denu's Delicacy Benuritha C. Marak
62 East Garo Hills Tomdaksan FPO Lebi D. Sangma 
63 North Garo Hills Banana  Manme's Golden Cripsy Banana Manme D Marak 
64 North Garo Hills   Sunitha R Marak 
65 North Garo Hills   Marcellina W Sangma
66 North Garo Hills   Saljiemerry D Sangma 
67 North Garo Hills J B S Food Product Jessica B Sangma
68 West Khasi Hills Ginger   Phamborlin Syiemiong 
69 South Garo Hills  Jackfruit R. K. Enterprise Rupalish K Sangma 
70 South Garo Hills  Aslidia Food Product Perastil R. Sangma 
71 South Garo Hills  Jetdra Food product  Robina J Sangma 
72 South Garo Hills  Remikkang Food Products  Rikchi Marak
73 South West Garo Hills Pineapple   Salbison Sangma
74 South West Garo Hills S & J Homemade Jesilla Sangma
75 Eastern West Khasi Hills  Potato    Sitamerry  Mawshut 
76 State brands Meghalaya Collectives  Meghalaya Basin Management Agency
77 State brands Megha Move Meghalaya State Rural Livelihood Promotion Society 
78 State brands Meghalayan Age Meghalayan Age Limited
79 State brands Megha Honey Meghalaya Khadi and Village Industries Board
80 State brands Meg brand Directorate of Food Processing 
81 State brands Meg spice Directorate of Horticulture
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