Pineapple Fest

Discover the Sweet Essence of Meghalaya's 
Golden Pineapples

Meghalaya’s delicious pineapples comes to fore this year

Recently on display at the Al-Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi, the golden fruit is being showcased in the national capital with the three-day ‘Meghalaya Pineapple Fest 2023’ commencing at Dilli Haat from August 18.

Meghalaya Pineapples

A Journey of Flavour and Tradition
Meghalaya features diverse agro-climatic conditions, yielding a variety of agricultural and horticultural products. This year, the focus is on Meghalaya's premium pineapples, offering a taste of nature's finest creation.

Cultivating Traditions, 
Nurturing Nature

Being grown by local communities in a traditional manner, these crops are mostly organic and products like the Lakadong turmeric, GI-tagged Khasi mandarin, and Kew pineapples are gaining more and more popularity.

Pure, Sweet Goodness

The Meghalaya pineapples have very low pesticide and heavy metal residue compared to pineapples from mainland India, the officials pointed out, adding that with regard to taste, they are less sour and significantly sweeter. The pineapples have a Brix value of 16-18, which indicates the sweetness of the fruit.

A Pineapple Revolution

Meghalaya has been promoting pineapples as ‘One District – One Product’ for Ri-Bhoi and East Garo Hills. With a focus on traditional, naturally organic cultivation methods, the State’s produce is gaining recognition for its exceptional quality and flavour.

Celebrating Our Farmers

While the festival is creating waves of excitement in the capital with people looking forward to not just tasting the pineapples and other recipes made from these delicious pineapple but also to enjoy performances by Meghalaya-based music bands and shop from Meghalaya-based food brands, our FARMERS are not to be forgotten. 
Members of Jamge IVCS from Songsak Block, East Garo Hills which has 250 members and focuses on Pineapple, Banana and Rice cultivation
Albin Sangma / 47 years 
Horejin Momin / 60 years
Livilbeth S Sangma / 38 years
Members of Pynroilang Pineapple Producer Group from Umling Block, Ri-Bhoi District which has 10 members and focuses on Pineapple, Ginger and Rice cultivation
Magret Tympan / 50 years
Thumlut Wahlang / 28 years
D. Syiem / 50 years
Member of Umwang Pyllun IVCS from Umling Block, Ri-Bhoi District which has 260 members and focuses on Pineapple, Banana and Rice cultivation
Prin Ronghang / 50 years
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