Certified Organic Tea from Meghalaya

MEG TEA, an excellent certified organic tea produced from two distinguished tea farms owned by the Department of Agriculture, viz Umsning and Upper Shillong, have been commented by renowned tea makers to be of very high quality. Manned by tea experts, the factory located at the Tea Development Centre, Umsning and Upper Shillong Tea Farm produces fresh and top-quality tea leaves comprising of high-quality clones and seed jats. Production methods of Meg Tea are like those used in Darjeeling, with the management strictly following top quality control.

The Story of Tea in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a non-traditional tea-growing State of India with very high potential for significant growth of the Industry owing to its favourable climatic and topographic conditions. A visit in 1974 by the Tea Board of India scientists marked the beginnings of organised tea cultivation in the State. Echoing the findings of a prospecting party sent by the East India Company as far back as the first half of the 19th century, the Tea Board delegation reported that the potential for tea cultivation in the State was immense and untapped.

When prospectors sent by the East India Company explored the country for potential tea growing, Meghalaya was considered an option. However, the Khasi ruler of the time refused to allow migrant labour to be brought in. As tea was a labour-intensive commodity, the insufficient local labour available at that time made it impossible for tea plantations in Meghalaya.
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MEG TEA been commended by renowned tea makers to be of very high quality.

The rest is history – since those early days, Meghalaya tea cultivation has spread to all corners and elevations of the State, and the teas it produces are rapidly earning a reputation in India and abroad as superior in quality, rich and fragrant in aroma and powerful in liquor.

Encouraged by the potential of Tea Cultivation in the State, the Meghalaya Agriculture Department launched MEG TEA in the year 2014. Their tea is certified organic, with the tea plantations and processing units (factories) located in Umsning and Upper Shillong. Meg Tea is among the highest suppliers of Black, Green, and Oolong tea in Meghalaya.
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What Makes MEG TEA Special?

Meghalaya’s landscape, altitude, and climatic condition makes it a perfect place to produce high-quality highland tea.
  1. MEG TEA is grown at elevations of over 1,500 m (4,900 ft) above sea level at the Umsning and Upper Shillong Farm. Most high-quality teas are cultivated at this or above this elevation. MEG TEA from Upper Shillong is an excellent quality highland tea that grows at the higher altitude of 3000 to 5,500 feet.
  2. The tea plantations are on virgin, pristine land. Traditional methods of farming are employed with no use of pesticides. They instead use organic composts and fertilizers.
  3. The age of the tea plant is younger compared to Assam or Darjeeling, which is also one of the reasons for its superior quality.
  4. The MEG TEA gardens are smaller compared to Assam or West Bengal. The tea processing unit is set up in a very short distance from the tea garden. This makes it possible to process high quality green tea.
  5. MEG TEA follows the philosophy of LOW VOLUME HIGH QUALITY Tea Production.

Which MEG TEA is For You?

ORTHODOX BLACK TEA is not bitter and has a smooth texture. It emits a fairly strong yet aromatic flavour tipped with a tinge of sharpness. Black tea picked from Umsning has a unique taste that is very aromatic and husky to its blend. Generally stronger in flavour than the less oxidized teas. Black tea picked from the Upper Shillong Farm has a fruity flavour and tastes more mellow than other Black teas.
OOLONG TEA is lighter than black tea without losing its punch and robustness. It also has unusual citrus and spicy undertones. The Oolong Tea produced by MEG TEA is special as it emits a unique aroma and flavour, giving you the best and unique taste.

ORTHODOX GREEN TEA is handpicked from the tea gardens. The high altitude and traditional cultivation method allow the plant to bear more shoots with supple leaves, further escalating its quality. In addition, the perfect union of soil, climate, average temperature, and rainfall adds to its speciality and unique taste. Green Tea from Umsning has a fruity flavour and delicate yet complex character. Green Tea from the Upper Shillong Farm is known for its layered flavours, smooth texture, and complex taste.
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