Processing of Ginger Candy

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Scientifically known as Zingiber officinale and belonging to the Zingiberaceae family, ginger is a herbaceous perennial that holds a distinguished reputation for both its culinary and medicinal applications.

The rhizomes of this plant, commonly known as ginger, are employed as a versatile spice and cherished for their health benefits. Notably, India is a prominent global contributor to ginger production, highlighting its significant role in cultivating and distributing this valuable herb.

Ginger cultivation spans across many states in India, with prominent contributions coming from states such as Karnataka, Orissa, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, and Gujarat, collectively accounting for 65 per cent of the nation's total ginger production. Notably, East Garo Hills, West Garo Hills, and Ri-Bhoi Districts are focal points for ginger cultivation. In the realm of confectionery, candy is characterized as a sweet food created through the crystallization of sugar syrup by boiling, often incorporating various flavours and fillings to produce a delightful treat.

Nutritional value:

Energy 333 KJ / 80Kcal
Carbohydrates 17.17 g
Sugar 1.7 g
Dietary fibre 2 g
Fat 0.75 g
Proteins  1.32 g
Vitamin C 5 mg
Vitamin E  0.26 g
Calcium  16 mg
Iron  0.6 mg
sodium 13 mg

Various forms of ginger are utilized for different culinary and medicinal purposes:

  • Fresh Ginger: The raw and unprocessed rhizome, known for its pungent and aromatic qualities.
  • Preserved Ginger: Created from young or green rhizomes, this type is peeled, sliced, and then immersed in heavy syrup or brine to retain its freshness.
  • Ginger Candy: Made from preserved ginger, it involves peeling, cooking in sugar syrup, drying, and rolling in sugar to produce a sweet and flavourful confection.
  • Ginger Powder: Derived from fresh ginger that has been dried and ground, providing a convenient spice for various dishes.
  • Ginger Oil: Extracted through distillation from ginger rhizomes, this essential oil carries the plant's characteristic fragrance and therapeutic properties.
  • Ginger Oleoresin: Obtained via solvent extraction from ground-dried rhizomes, it captures ginger's concentrated flavour and essence for diverse applications.

The production process of ginger candy involves the following steps:

  1. Harvesting and Sorting: Begin with the collection of uniform-sized ginger rhizomes that have been freshly harvested.
  2. Cleaning: Thoroughly wash the ginger rhizomes with clean water to remove any dirt or contaminants.
  3. Peeling and Slicing: Peel the ginger and cut it into slices with a thickness of 10-15mm.
  4. Blanching: Immerse the ginger slices in a solution containing 2.0% citric acid and blanch them for 25-30 minutes.
  5. Preparing Sugar Syrup: Take a cup of ginger water and mix it with sugar and 2.0% citric acid. Create a sugar syrup with a density of 40°Bx. Heat this mixture at 95°C for 1 hour.
  6. Dipping in Syrup: Dip the blanched ginger slices into sugar syrup with a density of 75°Bx and containing 2.0% citric acid. Maintain this temperature for 2 hours.
  7. Draining and Drying: Remove the ginger slices from the syrup and allow them to drain. Proceed to dry the slices at 60°C for 1 hour to reduce moisture content.
  8. Cooling and Packaging: Once the drying process is complete, let the ginger slices cool down. Then, package them appropriately for storage and distribution.

Ginger Candy Ingredients:

  • 200gm Ginger
  • 200gm Sugar
  • Citric acid

This comprehensive process transforms fresh ginger into enticing ginger candy, combining the flavours and properties of ginger with sweetness for a delectable treat.

Flow Sheet of Ginger Candy

  • Freshly harvested uniform size ginger rhizomes
  • Washing Ginger with clean water
  • Peeling
  • Cutting into slices of 10-15mm thickness
  • Boil ginger in water for 30 min
  • Take a cup of ginger water
  • Drain remaining water and collect ginger slices
  • Place ginger slices  + 1 cup of water+200 gm sugar + a pinch of citric acid
  • Boil it for 40 min in medium flame 
  • Drain Ginger 
  • Cool it
  • Coat it with sugar or corn starch
  • Drain remaining water and collect ginger slices
  • Place ginger slices  + 1 cup of water+200 gm sugar + a pinch of citric acid
  • Boil it for 40 min in medium flame 
  • Drain Ginger 
  • Cool it
  • Coat it with sugar or corn starch
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